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Email Setup on Phone

You can easily set up your e-mails such as on your phones thanks to our article on e-mail setup for Android and Ios-based phones.

1. First, click on the “ Email ” icon from the main menu of your phone.

2. After entering your ” email address and password ” on the ” Create Account”  screen , click the Manual Setup button to continue.

3. Continue by clicking on the IMAP account option in the “ Add an email account ” step  .

After clicking on the IMAP account option, we will now configure the Incoming server settings .

Email address:


Password:  your password

IMAP server:

Security type: none

Port: 143


After configuring the incoming server settings, we will configure the Outgoing -mail server settings by clicking the Next button  .

SMTP server:

Security type:  none

Port: 587


Password:  your password

Now we are nearing the end of your account setup, you   can set the syncing times in the Account options section on the next page. After you complete your settings,  click the Next button to continue.

7. If you have made the settings as in our explanation, your account will be created and you will see an article at the last stage stating that your e-mail account is working. At this stage, you can enter a name for your account and edit your name to be displayed in outgoing emails.

Now the setup of your e-mail account is completed successfully. You can check your e-mail box from the E-Mail application in your main menu  .

— Below is the setup for IOS operating systems.

1. First, click on the “ Settings ” icon from the main menu of your iPhone ,

2. Continue by clicking on the “ Mail, Contacts, Calendars ” tab on the screen that comes up.

3. Then click on “ Add Account ” option,

4. Continue the installation by clicking on the “ Other ” menu on the screen that appears.

5. Click on the “ Add Mail Account ” option.

6. Type your e-mail information and click the “ Next ” button in the upper right corner.

7.  Continue with the installation by arranging your Incoming Mail Server  and  Outgoing Mail Server settings according to your domain name , as in the image. 

8. Skip the “ Cannot Authenticate Server ” error by clicking the Resume button.

9. The first stage of your mail setup has been completed and you can now  view your email address under the Accounts section in the Mail, Contacts, Calendars  tab  .

Finally, there are 3 steps we need to perform,

Log in by clicking on your e-mail account set up in the Accounts section and click on the  SMTP  option at the bottom.

10. Click on the ” Primary Server ” section on the screen that comes up, and make sure that the ” Use SSL ” feature in the ” Outgoing Mail Server ” settings is ” Off ” and the ” Server Port ” is  587 .

Your mail setup is now completed successfully. You can start using your e-mails by clicking the Mail application on the main menu.

Source : Alastyr

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