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I can't click on the bottom right of the screen

When I try to click on the lower right corner of my screen, I can’t click anywhere, including the taskbar.I can’t click at all in the bottom right with the mouse, please help me with this.

Solution 1 :

Does origin run on or in the background? Check that this program is running in the background from the task manager. I had to end it.He was working in the background. this is how the problem was solved.

Solution 2 :

Try restarting your computer

Solution 3 :

‘It worked for me to get out of Origin completely.

Solution 4 :

I found another reason and solution: I have a keyboard that installs the Windows on-screen keyboard, it should turn off the on-screen keyboard from the off button,

Fixed by opening Task Manager, finding the Home Screen on the Screen (Something like this, I’m sorry I turned it off and forgot its name) and ending the task.

Solution 5 :

I’ve had the same problem, but there’s no Origin program in sight.It turned out to be an Intel Video driver.I clicked on the little icon in my hidden icons spot and chose to turn off notifications.That worked.
The problem only arose when playing 7 Gates games on this computer.

Solution 6 :

With the new update, I had to open the task manager and end microsoft applications, which resolved my post-process issue. I hope this helps someone in the future

Solution 7 :

Hi, I had this problem after receiving the new update.I found a solution.

Go to:

Task Manager > More Details > Scroll down Completely > click the Windows Explorer File > Click Restart

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